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Matthew Kenneth Blacconiere

Matthew Kenneth Blacconiere

Matthew Kenneth Blacconiere is of Polish, German, English, Irish, Dutch, Cherokee Indian and Italian descent.Mathew is a talented artist using many modalities to express his talent.

Matthew has done extensive work with live models in studio. A lot of his inspiration comes from other artists. His use of charcoal for sketches is quite striking and fun to absorb. Water colors are a favorite expression of his talent in scenery and portraits.

Matthew particularly enjoys oil portraits because of his ability to capture the details of the subject. He is also fluent Graf Art, where he has done fascinating murals in a variety of media.



Revealing his talent from the early age of four, practicing in sketch books, he has a natural flow with his expression. He is currently taking art classes to further hone his talents at American Academy of Art in Chicago, located on the corner of Michigan and Van Buren. He intends to stay in the field of fine art.

Yes another starving artist, but a good one.