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Grammar in Plain Enlgish
Harriet Diamond Dutwin Phyllis Barrons Educational Series Inc. Strony / Pages: 358, miekka oprawa ISBN: 0-8120-9648-7
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Grammar explained in commonsense language and without technical jargon... Learn the fundamentals of sound sentences structure Complete the practice exercise to sharpen your skills Use the answer keys to score yourself and measure your progress Exercises follow the question formats of the Writing Skills I section of current GED test. Each lesson is progressive, so that by the books end, you will have gained a command of English grammar to enhance both your reading comprehension and your essay writing skills.
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Zadnych bogow zadnych panow Trylogia Chicagowska Grzegorz Dziedzic PAPIEROWY KSIĘŻYC, 2021 Strony / Pages: 472, miękka oprawa ISBN: 978-83-66737-45-7
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Strollowana rewolucja Rafal Ziemkiewicz FABRYKA SLOW, 2021 Strony / Pages: 440, miekka oprawa ISBN: 978-83-7964-674-6
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