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Zygmunt Miloszewski Amazon Publishing, 2016 Strony / Pages: 412, soft cover ISBN: 978-1503935860
List price: $14.95(Save 15% off)Online price: $12.71
Bestselling Polish crime by award-winning author Zygmunt Miloszewski. All eyes are on famous prosecutor Teodor Szacki when he investigates a skeleton discovered at a construction site in the idyllic Polish city of Olsztyn. Old bones come as no shock to anyone in this part of Poland, but it turns out these remains are fresh, the flesh chemically removed. Szacki questions the dead man s wife, only to be left with a suspicion she s hiding something. Then another victim surfaces a violent husband, alive but maimed giving rise to a theory: someone s targeting domestic abusers. And as new clues bring the murderer closer to those Szacki holds dear, he begins to understand the terrible rage that drives people to murder. From acclaimed Polish crime writer Zygmunt Miloszewski comes a gritty, atmospheric page-turner that poses the question, what drives a sane man to kill?"

About the author:
Zygmunt Miloszewski is an award-winning Polish novelist and screenwriter. His first two mysteries featuring prosecutor Teodor Szacki, Entanglement and A Grain of Truth, have received international recognition, making him the #1 bestselling author in Poland and one of the world s best-known contemporary Polish writers. Miloszewski has won the Polityka Passport for Polish literature. He s also twice won the High Calibre Award for the best Polish crime novel and earned two nominations to the French Prix du Polar Europeen for the best European crime novel.
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