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Set of a book & 2 audio CD
Nigel Gotteri, Joanna Michalak Gray Published by: McGraw Hill Comp., 2008 Strony / Pages: set of a 306 page book & 2 audio CD ISBN: 978-0-07-159265-9
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This description refers to the pack containing the Teach Yourself Polish paperback book and two audio CDs.

Do you want to cover the basics then progress fast?
-Do you want to communicate in a range of situations?
-Are you keen to reach a high standard?

Teach Yourself Polish starts with the basics but moves at a lively pace to give you a good level of understanding, speaking and writing. You will have lots of opportunity to practise the kind of language you will need to be able to communicate with confidence and understand Polish culture. This new edition has been fully updated and now includes all the vocabulary of modern technologies, and is accompanied by brand new recordings.

About the Author:
Nigel Gotteri has recently retired from Sheffield University, where he taught Polish as a Senior Lecturer in Russian and Slavonic Studies from 1973. Joanna Michalak-Gray is an experienced tutor of Polish to adult language learners.
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TEACH YOURSELF POLISH Nigel Gotteri, Joanna Michalak Gray Published by: McGraw Hill Comp., 2003 Strony / Pages: 306, soft cover ISBN: 0-07-143166-7
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