Chwile ro Zebrane Polish Edition
G U Abacus CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017 Strony / Pages: 92, miękka oprawa ISBN: 978-1548534172
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This collection of poems and epigrams (written in Polish with illustrations by A. Czeczot) is a result of the recovery process from post-divorce depression. Twenty-two years of fidelity, ended abruptly by wife’s decision, left deep scars in author's soul that only time may heal. Stupefied husband embark on a lonely trip to experience all stages of mental disarray from disbelieving, depression, anger, animosity towards women, and hatred of the whole kind, to arrive at final realization, that nobody notices his perplexity. Final discovery of the advantage for being a single, healthy, and independent man begins a process of renewal. Making first small adjustments in his daily routine, he becomes a full-fledged companion of the willing women. Such process of recovery was chronicled by author progressively triggered by emotions accompanying new experience in adult life without the baggage of the young adulthood misunderstandings and emotions.
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