Two Trains From Poland
Krystyna M. Md Sklenarz Xlibris Corporation, 2011 Strony / Pages: 228, soft cover ISBN: 978-1-4568-5462-1
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A midnight knock at her door changed everything for 6-year old Krystyna. A Soviet KNVD agent informed her mother that they were being deported to Siberia. Krystyna depicts the horrors of war, from two years in Siberia, to an opium den in Persia, and arriving in London to live through the Nazi Blitz. A story of survival, written sixty years after the events, detailing her refusal to give up.

Dr. Krystyna M Sklenarz was a psychiatrist trained at the University of Chicago. She joined public service as a Director of the Lake County Mental Health Clinic, Indiana. Subsequently, she opened her own private practice. She was known for her masterful grasp of psychopharmacology and Freudian psychotherapy techniques, razor sharp intellect, directness and immense commitment to her patients. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.